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Old Spice Hair Thickening System Day 1 of 14

I have always had fine hair. Combine this with getting older than I need to take steps to thicken it. Old spice has released a new 3 step process of thickening your hair in 14 days. Shampoo, conditioner, and leave in agent.

That shampoo has a pleasant smell reminiscent of old spice. The conditioner was not oily or leaving me feeling that I could not dry my hair off. I exited the shower and then briefly dried my hair off and because I have a new puppy I had to take care of her right away and then get back to the leave in.

I shaved, shout out to Gillette 7 blades, and I applied the leave in hen to my scalp. I was not expecting the leave-in treatment to have any scent or burn but it had subtle burn to it.

It wasn’t a heavy leaving treatment but I like the way my hair feels.