Bad timing

I don’t think it said come as any surprise that I am on a bunch of medication post-stroke. these medications have messed with my metabolism and I have been struggling with my weight.

To counteract this I have been experimenting with a keto diet and intermittent fasting. While still getting fat adapted, it’s probably wasn’t the best idea to go to SeaWorld in a hundred degree weather fasting.

5 months of stroke recovery

I had a major stroke in February, let’s say I almost died. I was awoken to a sound of a heartbeat monitor and tube down my throat. I was told I had aphasia and apraxia. I couldn’t speak and couldn’t move the right side of my body. I spent the month of February in the hospital, where I focused on recovery. Eventually I gained the movement in my hands and I was able to walk short distances. I started speaking in short phrases. I first and was able to say “Yeeessss”, like the heir to the throne of Denmark, Ryan Holmes. Then I could say “right on right on right on” from the movie “dazed and confused”.

My speech therapist eventually said that in order for me to get better I would have to write down things.

This my recount of my road to recovery and beyond.